Welcome to the one-of-a-kind world of TAMI.

TAMI autonomous mobile robots don’t just change movement, they change everything. Workers can do more. Healthcare professionals can care more. Hospitality guests can experience more. And as you would expect from the #1 autonomous robot for material handling, there’s more…

TAMI Changes Health Care
TAMI mobile robots perform delivery and transportation tasks in hospitals to give staff more time to focus on patient care.   Secure delivery of pharmacy medications and laboratory specimens and heavier loads such as meals, linens, and environmental services are all moved autonomously. Reduces cost-per-delivery by up to 80%.
TAMI Robot delivers Automates Handling
The TAMI autonomous robot works in your hospital 24/7 moving materials and clinical supplies.  It keeps your staff focused on patient care, provides surge capacity during peak demand and improves the overall efficiency of logistics.

Company Profile

Founded in July 2007 and headquartered in Zhongguancun, Beijing, China, TAMI is one of the earliest enterprises focusing on networked service robot technology and product application in China. TAMI is committed to providing industrial customers with full scene application solutions based on artificial intelligence and service robot technology.

General Background

Founded in July 2007, registered capital around 30 million RMB, 210 employees (80% technical staff), over 200 patents and other intellectual property rights

Company Locations

TAMI is the leader of the full scene 5G smart hospital. After years of technological innovation, based on artificial intelligence and technology, TAMI is committed to providing the hospital with full scene application solutions.

Strategic Partners

Established strategic partnerships with over 30 universitiesand corporations including Chinese Academy of Science semiconductor nstitution, Second Academy of Aerospace Science and Engineering, France National Scientific Research Center, Korea YUJIN Company, Baoli Group and Tsinghua University .