Tami V-Smart Care System

V-Smart Care is a digital hospital system combined with Multi Scenario service robots, which can be seamlessly connected with HIS, LIS and SPD in the hospital to improve the efficiency of hospital logistics operation and realize traceable management of medical materials

V-Smart Care as a unified platform can support all service robot application scenarios, while supporting the expansion of more robots for hospital services on a regular basis and on demand; if there is a dedicated corridor for robots between different hospital areas, cross-hospital scheduling can be realized to share robots.

Application scenario
Operation rooms

The use of logistics robots can greatly save manpower,reduce errors in distribution, and achieve traceability of consumables, greatlyimproving the efficiency of internal management in the operating room

Waste Disposal

The configuration and scheduling of robotscan be flexibly developed according to the medical waste situation in eachdepartment of the hospital; and by planning tasks to maximize the use of robotand increase efficiency while reducing personnel cross contact.

Medicine Delivery

The robot replaces nurses to complete the time consuming work of "runningerrands" between the pharmacy and the patients, saving a lot of manpowerand allowing nurses/nurses to focus on othertasks to improve the overall efficiency.

Material Transport

The robot is always on standby and ready, ensuring the timeliness of test specimens; for daily scheduled sampling, the robot can automatically perform distribution tasks as scheduled; for unscheduled sampling, it is on call